Comprehensive Driver Safety: Volvo S60

Volvo S60 anticipates nearly every on-road safety scenario, offering a feature to keep danger at bay and keep drivers safe. Maybe that's why this sedan is among the most popular luxury compact models in its class? All we know at Fields Volvo Cars Waukesha is how much we love the Volvo S60's styling, power and phenomenal safety features.

No Place Like HomeLink

HomeLink is Volvo S60's remote interface that lets you control safety and comfort features of your home from the convenience of the Volvo S60's cabin. While en route from work to home through Waukesha, you can use HomeLink to raise or lower your garage doors, control your property's exterior lights or activate your home's alarm system.

All-Around Collision Protection

Volvo S60's inflatable curtain deploys during collisions, surrounding the heads of the driver and passengers. The curtain cushions the impact of a crash, remaining inflated long after deployment to dampen the destructive effects of any subsequent impacts or crash energy.

See for yourself how the Volvo S60 can keep you safe on the road. Visit our dealership today and enjoy a test drive. We can't wait to meet you.


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