Avoid Dangerous Tire Blowouts

In the event that a front tire blows out while you are driving, you may lose control of the vehicle and become an accident victim. There are a number of reasons why tires give out. Regular maintenance performed by you or our Volvo service technicians prevents mishaps.

Periodically check the tire pressure to make sure that all are inflated properly. Otherwise, tires wear unevenly, which leaves them weakened and likely to give out. Have the tires rotated as often as the manufacturer recommends to ensure even tire wear.

Test the tread depth by inserting an inverted penny into the tire groove. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, the tire does not have enough tread and requires replacing. Examine the tires from time to time to check for cracks, blisters or bubbles. Any of these imperfections are indications of weak spots that increase the risk of a blowout.



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